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Thread: Fixing a design that works for all screen reselutions.

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    Default Fixing a design that works for all screen reselutions.

    Hey, I'm currently making a webbsite for a MC organisation. On the header I got the MC's logo and two pictures on bikes. My first problem were that the pictures didn't got the positions I wanted them to have. So I made a apDiv and placed the image inside it. But now the pictures moves outside the site if I make the screen reselution smaller.

    I am using dreamweaver to make this site. I have made the site so far just using the graffic layout. If needed I can probably go into the code if that will solve the problem somehow.

    If anyone got any tips, ideas or even a selution on this issue please write it. I'm also looking for a weather app that I can implement on the webbsite, anyone that might know were I can get one of those?

    // Billan93

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    Please post a link to the page on your site that contains the problematic script so we can check it out.

    Also -

    Using dreamweaver can bring up countless problems. It is a lot easier to use than learning html, but you are better off learning how to manually write out the code. Also, because you didn't actually write out the code, it is a lot harder to debug it as you may not understand what it all does.
    If you want to continue using dreamweaver, that's fine by me, but you would be better off learning html (in my opinion).
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