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Thread: Trying to find suitable script(s)

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    Default Trying to find suitable script(s)

    Hi Guys

    I'm presently trying to develop a website where 'Members' can create their own personal page from templates, these will have areas where they can:

    1. Upload Picture(s).
    2. Add their own video or recording.
    3. Write their own message.
    4. Choose from pre-written text.
    5. Option to add an animation or gif file from list.

    All of these are optional inserts to their own page, when completed they can save this so it can be viewed by someone given an access link.

    As I'm new to using 'Scripting' I'm finding it difficult to find something appropriate to execute the above to integrate into my site.

    I would be very grateful if anyone out there can give me some advise on this.
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