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Thread: (Site Updated) How can i implement video content onto my website?

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    Default (Site Updated) How can i implement video content onto my website?

    I am fairly new to PHP coding and i have just finished the layout of my site. My site is going to be a streaming site and i want to make it mobile friendly for ipod's and computer.

    Would any of you know of a tut that will help me create this from scratch? It does not matter if i have to do it manually.

    my site is located at the following url

    i am also wanting to have the video's to be viewed as thumbnail in each page and hyper linking to the page to stream the video file.

    i have searched around and found one thread with a outdated link and a tut that
    i was completely lost in as it wasn't shown from scratch.

    i came across a item named FLV Producer Lite how would i use this program to get the content on my site? and would i be able to cost my site of comp+298gb hdd as i have a very low budget and can only afford the domain and possible a web hosting but i would imagine it wouldn't have the file storage necessarily?
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