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    Smile HTML code

    I am working on a web site where dental/doctors office could have their patients making appointments on line. I would need a HLTM code for that . Anyone could help me with that script? Thanks in advance.

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    That's not HTML. HTML is the language used to create content to display on a page (it's layout and content). CSS is also used for styling (such as colors and sizes), and Javascript can be used for interactive elements (like warning messages or items bouncing around on the page, or interactive menus).

    If you want to take information from the user and store it (and later show it to someone else), then you'll need to interact with the server. None of those languages can do this.

    Instead, you need a serverside language, such as PHP, ASP / .NET, CGI, JSP, Perl, etc. PHP is the most common on many servers and it is generally pretty easy to learn, and there are lots of resources out there.

    Additionally, you'll need a way to store the information. A database is probably your best option. For example, MySQL and PHP work well together. Other options include Access, etc.
    Alternatively you could use plain text files (.txt) to store the information. It could work, but it would be messy. (It's slightly 'easier' in some sense, but in the end you'd have hundreds of disorganized text files-- and databases are better for searching/organizing overall anyway.)

    This means you'll need to learn a serverside language (PHP?) and a database language (MySQL?), or hire someone to do it for you. It's a fairly big project, but completely reasonable using those technologies.

    Of course you will also need HTML (and probably CSS and Javascript) to create the user interface, like the forms that will submit to the PHP code on the server.

    So... does all of that make sense?

    There are also two alternatives:
    1) Find an existing 'script' (or 'package') that does all of this. It may either by free or for sale (and potentially expensive). Realize that sometimes this can be cheaper than redesigning it yourself or paying someone else to do so. The specific package depends on what features you need. You can probably find out from colleagues-- there must be some doctor/dentist administration packages available, but I have no idea about this area.

    2) Use a 'CMS' (content management system) that will do some of the work for you. Examples include Joomla and wordpress. However, once you need to schedule appointments and so forth, it might be beyond what these can do. Look into the options. This still involves learning some of the 'behind the scenes' stuff, but it usually makes everything a little easier and faster for you. The tradeoff can be control-- you might not be able to customize everything exactly how you want.

    Finally, if all of that sound simply too complicated, you could simplify your approach. For example, create an HTML form that uses an email script (also serverside using PHP for example) that will email the appointment info to you.
    It wouldn't be as interactive as a system described above, but it would be easier (all you'd need to do is setup a form mailer, which is a relatively easy project). Then you'd get all of the appointments by email (and the customer would never know the difference, if done right).

    The significant limitation there is that you could not view an old appointment or change it online. You could just send a new email. Essentially it would be like a "contact us" page, except you could call it "make an appointment".
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