I am in need of help. I have one layer that depending upon what is selected determines the position on the page for the layer to show up. For example: If a person selects a Votive Light the message layer will show up at one position on the view page. If a person does not select a Votive Light the message will show up at a different position on the view page. I can get the position of the layer to work individually but when I put the positioning together in one statement it only does one of the positions. Here is the code I am using:

  <div id="message" style="position:absolute; z-index:5; left: 320px; top: 80px; width: 385px; visibility: <% If (Session("VLS") <> "") Then %>visible; position:absolute; left: 320px; top: 404px; width:385px; <% End If %><% If (Session("VLS") = "") Then %>visible; position:absolute; left:320px; top:80px; width:385px; <% End If %>">
  <font color="#000000" size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">
			'Read in the value of the TEXTAREA
Dim strMessage2
strMessage2 = Request.Form("Message")

'Replace all vbCrLf with <BR>s
strMessage2 = Replace(strMessage2, vbCrLf, "<BR>")

'Replace all quotes with &quot;s
strMessage2 = Replace(strMessage2, """", "&quot;")

'Replace all spaces with &nbsp;
'strMessage2 = Replace (strMessage2, " ", "&nbsp;")

'Output the formatted TEXTAREA value:
Response.Write strMessage2
Please help. What I have makes sense to me but it just won't work.