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Thread: Need guidance for developing a form and using the info submitted

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    Default Need guidance for developing a form and using the info submitted

    I've made simple forms on my bluehost account and used their cgi script to handle it when they submit it, which just populates an email with the information and forwards it to a couple email accounts.

    --Current problem:
    Currently at my day job, I have a task that's pretty tedious and I was looking for ways to convert my PDF's to web forms to save me some steps.
    Current process:
    1) I send a customer a pdf application to fill out.
    2) They fill it out, fax, email, or mail it to me.
    3) I have to copy each field by hand and paste it into other forms
    4) I have to call the applicant for various missed checkboxes/info
    5) I send several "other" hand-populated forms to different underwriters based on the information from the customers application, for a quote....

    --Ideas I have:
    1) Convert the PDF application to a web form with some basic validation for the mandatory fields. (Around 30 text fields, 40 checkboxes, and 3 tables with fields to enter relative info)

    2) Combine my "multiple" hand-populated forms for various underwriters into a generic form that all the underwriters can use to form a quote.

    3) Figure out a way to populate the second "generic form" with the information from the customer's submitted web form.


    Do I need a mysql db (or similar) to store the data submitted from the web form in order to use it to populate another form?? Is that the easiest way? I can't really think of any other way....other than just getting an email of the information.

    I almost feel like I could make a customer variable, and apply all their field entries (variables) as properties and just access the customer's object and it's properties (for-in) to get the info when populating a second form? Seems like that could flow really nice,,, etc. But not sure about long strings for addresses...

    I've heard of dataports but know nothing about using them, but it's supposedly a way of getting info into a generic format to use numerous ways. Like serialization? Or how Json stringify converts objects to text?

    Any softwares or services that would save me time doing this? The boss would probably buy something if it saved us time. Currently we've been having some issues with people filling out the pdf with old versions of adobe on macs, and we get a corrupt document we can't open back from the customer.

    Anyone done something similar? Have any advice? Thanks.

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    have a look at this:

    about how to create and submit forms. it will help you
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