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Thread: how to design part time an full time employees table

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    Default how to design part time an full time employees table

    i have a project in which client can assign a full time employee and a part time employee. If a full time employee is assigned,then he will not be available for 1 month.But if a part time employee assigned , then he will be available for a half day for 1 month. He can assigned for other half day in the same month.How can we design the tables inorder to solve .

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    Create a table Employees with columns: ID INT, Names TEXT, fulltimeparttime TEXT, dateassigned DATE.

    From here you can use PHP to detect when he was assigned and whether he is employed full time or part time. You can also use PHP to determine when he will be available next and if he is currently available.

    This is just a basic answer, but we need a little more information on what you are trying to do.
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