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Thread: how to put form?

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    Default how to put form?

    hi i just want to ask what language should i use in making a forum ? and can anyone give me codes in making forum ?

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    You will need a server side coding language, such as PHP, ASP/.NET, CGI, JSP, Python, or anything else that can run on your server and generate HTML.

    Then you can consider two options for storing the data:
    1. Flat files (usually .txt text files). In some sense, easy, but also terrible for organization (you'll have hundreds or thousands of random files on your server). And incredibly difficult to search through. So for a very small website like this, it's possible. Anything else, use the second option:
    2. Store the data in a database. This is slightly harder to learn (just at first), but in the end much easier to use, and very easy to search. This is what databases are for, so there's no better solution-- this is the answer. Some common database languages include MySQL, other SQL types, Access, and others.

    Of course your serverside language will need to be able to "talk to" your database (which is almost always possible, just make sure the connections work), and also be sure that your server has both available.

    The most frequent of these, at least on standard hosting, is to use PHP and MySQL. That's what we're using at the moment to talk to each other on this forum

    Then in addition to the database and serverside language, you'll need HTML (for content), CSS (for formatting), and possibly Javascript (for interactive elements). At least HTML is required, CSS is optional (but will make your site look good and without it it would be very boring), and JS is completely optional, just if you want it.

    Of course it's very complicated to write all of this. I'm not sure you want to do it all yourself, and it is an example of "reinventing the wheel"-- there are lots of free (or expensive) packages out there.
    Personally, I like SMF:

    But look around for various options. This site can help:
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