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Thread: Javascript-based Date Selector

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    Default Javascript-based Date Selector

    This is a date selector that I created that is extremely user-friendly. Here are some featuers of the date selector:

    • Selector is completely Javascript-based. No iframes are used. It runs on the client computer, minimizing downloading of data from your server.
    • Multiple inputs for date fields can be incorporated easily.
    • Simply clicking in the field opens the calendar.
    • No script is need within your HTML code. Simply add calendar.js and calendar.css to your head section.
    • The current month will show automatically with current date highlighted.
    • If date is selected, then reopening calendar opens to that selected date with selected date highlighted.
    • Opening calendar to month other than current is easy.


    Simple Javascript-based Date Selector

    If you're into programming, you'll understand the easy code and modify it to your needs, such as

    - Blocking weekends from being selected.
    - Blocking past days from being selected.
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