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Thread: Node.js Information Sought

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    Default Node.js Information Sought

    I've been reading lately about node.js especially in relation to web scraping.

    As a javascript noob I can't see all the pros and cons.

    Can anyone enlighten me on node.js - good and bad - and what pratical application is seen from running javascript server-side.


    Rogers Thompson
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    I'm trying to figure it out myself. This is the functionality I'm looking for which is part of an article at AT&T Developer website source is here:

    I got it installed on my local machine, but have had some trouble getting it installed on my bluehost server.

    I bought this book called "Node Web Development" and it walks you through setting up a couple different applications, one to dish out pages, another a chat system as well as interfacing with sqlite3. But currently I can only run it locally. The book is great, gives a good walkthrough of concepts.

    I also got a couple books on "Javascript design patterns" I would highly recommend. After reading it the node book makes a lot more sense. It's some hardcore object oriented modulized javascript. Anonymous functions, callback functions, dozens of narly patterns, closures, inheritance, delegates, javascript is no joke.

    You run websockets or socketio over node to actually connect users. You can use either http, TCP, or even UDP with node.


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