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Thread: ASP Question... Can Anyone help?

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    Default ASP Question... Can Anyone help?

    Im Working On a Website But ive got no ASP experience.

    have a look at:

    wen you click on any of these links they open up a different set of results on the index.asp in the search directory.

    But I want to have a page which goes and gets a few different querys as:

    do with having a few boxes with different results.

    How is this done, would any one know the asp code to use or have any other suggestions?

    Really Stuck!

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    You have to create each box as a table or with css div tags, then populate each box with the content desired.

    No one can give you that code and your question is too broad to give an answer of specific code.

    Go to the other website and do a view source on their page to get some ideas for how they do their layout.

    You can mimic that much of the code but the ASP code is more complex as to how the boxes will be populated.


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