I come over here from time to time and grab some of the scripts to play around with.
I found the Conveyor Belt slider and to be honest, I really like this one.

But like a lot of the image handling scripts it has its limit. The limit I refer to is the fact they only call for whatever image the URL points to. Those same images over and over and over and over. Gets stale and boring right quick.

I have an answer to that problem.
(Using the conveyor belt as my example)

1> Create separate folders to equal the amount of URLs you're going to have. In my case I made 5 to equal the default 5 URLs in the script. Give each one a unique name.
2> Load them up with your images. In mine I put 100 thumbs each. They are 250 x 188. The slider height is set to 150px. Full height is just a bit too big for my forum.
3> Go get this php file > http://www.alistapart.com/d/randomizer/rotate.txt
Save it to notepad as rotate.php. Don't alter anything in it as it works just fine out of the box.
4> Drop a copy in each folder you created in step 1.
5> Upload your folders to your ftp and note the path to get to them.
6> Find the URLs in the slider script and format them like this >
leftrightslide[0]='<a href="http://"><img src="path/to/your/folder/rotate.php" border=1></a>'
Note: That one came out of the conveyor belt script. Other scripts may vary this but the principle is the same. Also note you can add an embedded link by adding the link behind the http://. If you don't want that just remove the http://
7> Park the entire conveyor belt script in your template where you want the display to show.
In my case I run a VB4 powered forum and mine is parked in the ad space under the What's Going On box.
8> Your done. Go admire your handy-work.

So now that you burned up maybe 30 minutes or so putting this together, here's what all that does.
The rotate.php file works on the premise of when you refresh the browser, click a link and move to another page then come back, to present you with an image selected from the folder with the php file in it. Randomly...
In a nutshell when you see the slider it has 5 fresh images for you and your members to look at. My two main critics, my supermods, like it so I must have done something right. lol
By the way, here's a live demo > http://www.animeappeal.com/?styleid=117
It's at the bottom. Click on the animation in the header or just refresh your browser.

(I didn't know where to park this thread as I'm not having a problem with the script. Instead this is a payback for all the scripts I've played with over the last couple of years.)