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Thread: Best email address verifying software

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    Hi, thanks for your response. No, I did not find any solution save doing it manually in batches of 100. I went to your site but did not see any mention of validating the addresses except at the time of data entry, ie. just checking that the person typed it in correctly. That is not what I need. These addresses are already in the database.

    Maybe I am missing something, but I do not have a lot of time to comb through a website. Perhaps you can please direct me where to look on your site?

    Mahalo, e

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    Default Same problem here - but I may have it licked!

    I have just been wrestling with the same problem. I have several clients with bulk mail software based on PHP and MySQL, server-side, which works well - but one of those clients, after importing a list he has been using for a while sending only plain-text mail messages using different bulkmail to legitimate customers of his, had 200 bounces out of a list of 800 - he almost got his domain shut down!

    Whilst the same list seems to suffer few bounces when sending plaintext only, the new mailer sends both HTML and a Plaintext version - it seems that HTML certainly raises the alarm!

    I this morning downloaded software called MailLIst Validator Ver2 free of charge and used it to check his list - Find it at:

    Look for

    "Mail List Validator 2.1
    Free Ultimate Mailing List Vallidator"

    It seems to work well and reported about 160 invalid emails. I tried two others first but they were rubbish - could not get the SMTP/Proxy to work at all!

    However I do not think it handles Hotmail accounts - putting in a fake hotmail address gave the report 'Host resolved" which is maybe technically correct (there is such a host!) but I suspect there is no address like 'chajam)kkry&'!

    But as I have already had major problems with numerous hotmail accounts on another mail list, I have simply removed them altogether and now do not accept signups from that domain.

    At least now I reckon we can send to lists which are 'mostly' clean with a much lower bounce frequency which is a step in the right direction.

    I am now looking for a php script which will run a check on all mails in the DB, using a cron, perhaps daily, and automatically deal with invalid mail addresses.
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