I have a website and I just created a BBS section; I'm quite new to this.
The top page in the .../bbs directory is "index.php".
The database is created and everything is working fine.
I have the same structure on my windows computer; apache, php, mysql are installed; database is not yet created.

What I want is to be able to see the index.php file on my computer like it is on my site; after editing the html/php code (changing the design, etc) I will ftp transfer it to the site.

In order to do this, I need a database to which the script on my local pc connects, otherwise I cannot see the page normally, as it is online.

So I think there are 2 options:
1. create a database on my own pc, similar with the one online.
2. let the script connect to the online database and work online.

My questions are:
- Which practise is most popular among pros from the two above? I guess each has its advantages and disadvantages.

- In case I choose to work with a local database on my PC, how can I instruct mysql to create the database in the directory that I want instead of the default location (which I don't know where it is anyway)? For example, in this case I want the path to be .../bbs/database

- If I have more local sites on my pc, each with its own independent BBS, is it possible to have a different location of the respective databases for each site?
(meaning, would mysql work with databases in different directories?)

I would like the databases to be inside the bbs folders for convenience and ease of work.

- Is it OK to use phpmyadmin for creating a local database such as the one mentioned above (tables,etc are created by the installation.php script file of the bbs)