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Thread: "Fast Feed" RSS News Manager - generates valid xml feed

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    Default "Fast Feed" RSS News Manager - generates valid xml feed

    Hi all,

    I've been playing around with writing an RSS News Manager and thought you would like to test:

    username = ffadmin
    passwoord = ffdemo

    I wanted to write something that can be used with the RSS Pause Scroller here on DD:

    "Fast Feed", as I am calling it, support multiple users and is very easy to use so non-techies can add updates too.

    Fast Feed automatically generates a compliant RSS v2.0 xml file which can be displayed via DD's RSS Pause Scroller (or similar).

    Notice 3 links at the bottom of the Fast Feed page - they lead off to samples, one of which shows an experimental non-compliant feed that contains HTML. I found out by accident some time ago that the RSS Pause Scroller will display a non-compliant feed with HTML in it, so I've left the option here for comparison.

    I hope to release this FREE software soon but your feedback is much appreciated during this final testing phase.

    I dont think you'll need them, but here are some basic instructions:


    ps - forgot to say - its been tested in php4/5 and all data is stored in flat files (no database required)
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