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Thread: How to upload large database ?

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    Default How to upload large database ?

    I have exported large mysql database.Now its size is 22.7 mb.I am not able to import this now.When i tried to import this file an error shows .

    You probably tried to upload too large file. Please refer to documentation for ways to workaround this limit.'

    How to resolve this. ? please kindly help me.

    Thanks in advance


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    Try searching for an answer for this. It's not an uncommon problem.

    I know of two methods:
    1. Split the file into smaller pieces. Database exports are not a single line of code-- they are many individual queries. Generally speaking, you can separate them at any semi-colon. Just split into chunks (always ending with semi-colons) then upload each in sequence. This can be a little difficult (not to mention time consuming) so be careful and make a backup first (both of what is already in the database and of your file).
    2. Upload the file to your server using FTP (or any other direct method-- not via a webpage), and then access it directly from within the server. This could be command prompt direct access to MySQL, or you could do it, for example, through PHP-- load the entire file as a string then execute the query. Generally the upload limits are much stricter than what the server can do with local files.

    I've had success with both of those methods.

    But again a search should give you lots of information and potential solutions.
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