Hello, I have been assigned to build a content locator.
We cannot use a database and all content needs to be from same page.

Based on my superior's design and client needs, this is what I came up with:

I am using a Dynamic Drive script to power the dropdown and content underneath the drop down,

and using a JQuery script to change the content in the window to the right.

My questions are:
1) Is there a better method to do this? (stupid question I know... of course there is!!) I would like it to be as simple as possible, no animation needed.

2)Is it possible to change the content on the right when you select an option from the drop down? (say I select <option>Free Campaigns</option> I want the content to change on the right to match one of the free campagins)

3)Finally, my margins in IE 7 are all over the map, looks great in all other browsers, but in IE my TABS (colored green and blue) are about 10pixels up to high, and my belowcontent div on the left has a top margin of 12px below the dropdown...

Thanks for any help,