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Thread: Free Web Design- for my portfolio

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    I usually do not browse with full screen windows (they're usually tall and narrow) because I usually have a few things open at once. In the case of a narrow window, the right pane moving down looks a little uneven. I had to expand the window to full screen to realize that the design fit together well.

    It's worth considering how various users will browse your website. I think that the larger screen sizes have hidden that there still is a lot of variation in what size windows your visitors will have: most will have large monitors, but that doesn't mean they will have maximized windows. And of course don't forget about mobile browsers.

    This is just a general note since I know you're trying to make a "perfect" site to attract clients. You could easily lose a client if they have a different configuration than you do and in that configuration it looks a little strange.
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    Hm that's a good point. Maybe the most obvious way to deal with that issue is percentages, but that really won't work when I'm using graphics for background images.

    The only real way I could see around this is to find a way to use each corner as a graphic, and have the actual content area expand via percentage. This would probably be a bit more work, but I do really feel like I need the graphical background layout.

    As per mobile browsing- I can't really see a huge demand for that yet, where as I'm only just starting (I'm barely on Google lol). In the future though, this will obviously be an area of concern.

    Once again, I appreciate your insight!
    - Mike

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