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Thread: Intro/Splash Page (body onload auto-redirect code at bottom of page?)

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    Default Intro/Splash Page (body onload auto-redirect code at bottom of page?)

    Hello, I'm currently working on a Splash Page (where I would like my looping intro to automatically redirect after a div of invisible images for the entire website cache).

    So here are my questions:

    1). I'm not sure if cache is completely clear but it works first time around, and then the next time around it skips the intro altogether. When you log on to --- does it show the intro page?

    Currently I have the
    <body onload="window.location.href='HomePage.php';">
    at the end of the page-- Because I'd like all images within the site to load first before redirecting?? Is that an error-free approach?

    3). Should I use php or another method?

    4). Like the images, Can I cache videos ahead of time as well?

    I apologize in advance about all the questions-- I've never done a intro page before and am looking to enhance the viewer experience to be a smooth and 'perty' as possible.

    Any help or advice on any/all of the questions is always appreciated!
    Thanks much!


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    Actually what you should do, instead of have a "splash page" you should have your image preloading on your main page, but put a float DIV over everything saying "Please wait" or whatever you wish.

    This way you won't have to redirect to another page (more waiting), and you can control the whole preloading process better.

    There's loads of image preloaders on the web, here's one random one I found on DD:
    - Mike


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