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Thread: Anti censorship - joking -script

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    Default Anti censorship - joking -script

    Hello, im the new one here,

    and my engl. is'nt very well, but i try to tell you, what i hope to find here.

    First, we live in germany, and our politicians love censorship, and try to censor free speech in some ways. We in blogging sphäre want to joke with this kind of gouvernment crap, and should do some things to make this laughly.

    What i need is:

    1.: a button or banner, -if some user click this ->

    2.: a "info" - box will open over the screen (editable) with 2 options ->

    2.1 option A: Click on option A , closed this box.
    2.2 option B: Click on option B will open a new "allert" - box and a small sound file, with 2 options to click:

    3.1 option A: Click on option A , closed this box and sound.
    3.1 option B: Click on option B will open a "done" - box with a link to close it -AND submit URL of the open site to another website. -and thats the next.

    4. if someone clicks the "allert" box and click then the link B, this must submit the url to a other website, maybe a wordpress, but i dont know how to handle it secure, and how to insert into a list automatically. This list is later the list of all users, they used this "allert" box to show how "desperate" this website is. - Its only for fun, - hope you understand me?

    5. Last step is to make it ready to install and download for other users för free, customizable, to share this joke.

    Think a lot of work, and believe there is nothing "ready to use" in the world..., what do u mean, -possible to make, and how?

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