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Thread: Need help for API

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    Default Need help for API

    Hi All,

    I am writing a PHP API for a 3rd party app. I am having one page with two textboxes(username and password) and with hidden fields of secret keys. Once a user come to this page and fills that textboxes and submit the page it will go to the api i have written and checks for the keys and if everything is correct, it will redirect to 3rd part login page and in their text boxes the values are stored(username and password which user has submitted), But it is not redirected to home page. What I want is, username and password to be checked if they are correct it has to allow him inside otherwise through an error. This is something similar to SSO.

    What exactly i am doing is i have a username and password for Kayakoo support. With credential i am having i am trying to login from my website to their website with same credentials.

    If anyone has any suggestions please help me out.

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    it's not clear from your question if you have the support/cooperation of your third party app. You can write an API for your own site/app, but you can't write an API for another site without their cooperation.

    The third party may even take steps to prevent users from logging in through another site (which seems to be what you're attempting).

    my advice, if you haven't already, would be to contact the third party app and ask if/how you could develop this api, or if they have something similar available already.


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