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Thread: Port 80 Confusion

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    Default Port 80 Confusion

    I have downloaded and installed WAMP Server (Apache 2.2.17, more specifically). I have also, through my Linksys router, opened port 80 for my computer. This way I can host the server and put it online so that others can view it. The only problem is that it cannot be connected to externally. The server is online, the IP address is correct, but apparently port 80 isn't open. I've gone to to see if port 80 was open externally, but it clearly says it isn't. My router and a port scanner, "Advanced Port Scanner v1.3", say otherwise. Not sure what the problem is... Something with my firewall maybe? Any ideas? Thanks!

    Edit: RESOLVED: It turns out that port 80 is part of a list of ports that my ISP blocks....the only way port 80 can be cleared is to upgrade the account to a business account which costs far too much money. Also, the ToS may forbid running an inbound web server, so if I made it available through a different port, it could be illegal. Lovely!
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