Advanced Gallery Script

in the coding for this script i am unable to insert interactive images created in Macromedia Fireworks as my content for the link. I am able to insert regular jpg images no problem but the coding for an interactive image is much more complex and i cant seem to make it work. The script for inserting an image is as follows:
<a href="javascript:changeImage('mulcoPVCinfo.gif')">Mulco PVC</a>
You can see the gif image but in that link i want an interactive image but the HTML code for that image is below:

<img name="mulcobutylinfoWhotspot2" src="mulcobutylinfoWhotspot2.gif" width="502" height="302" border="0" usemap="#m_mulcobutylinfoWhotspot2" alt="">
<map name="m_mulcobutylinfoWhotspot2">
<area shape="rect" coords="216,175,328,200" href="mulcoblankwhiteBUTYLinfo.htm" alt="" >

If you know how i can can make the inteactive image a link that would be greatlky apreciated. ive tried many things but i guess i am limited by my knowledge and i need help. please post if you know.