Hi All
Could You please give me ofbiz sample or solution to make my ofbiz as a siebel web service client work, I already try this service but I've got this error message:
Message: SOAPAction '<?>' is of invalid format: SOAPAction should be either rpc/operationName or document/operationName.(SBL-EAI-08006)
this is the code I wrote at Service.xml:
<service name="servicename" engine="soap" export="true"
location="http://serveripaddress/eai_enu/start.swe?SWEExtSource=WebService&amp;SWEExtCmd=Execute&amp;UserName=user&amp;Password=userpassword" invoke="operationname">
<description>Test SOAP service; calls echoString service on Axis server</description>
<attribute name="OwnerSR" type="String" mode="IN" default-value="DEV4"/>
<attribute name="ListOfRaisecallSrIo" type="List" mode="OUT" optional="true"/>
please anyone help me
I Would be very appreciate Your POST, TIA