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Thread: Looking For A Well Supported Wordpress Theme

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    Smile Looking For A Well Supported Wordpress Theme

    Hi all,

    Is Wordpress software? I hope I'm not posting out of place.

    So I'm looking at buying a Wordpress theme for a client and they've got me thinking about future-proofing as well as fool-proofing.

    After quite an extensive look around I whittled my choice down to two. One was a theme that looked very nice, made the pretense of having great support but on closer inspection was totally lacking on that front. I like the idea of a forum of support but in that case it turned out to be just one developer manning the whole thing - i.e. totally unsustainable.

    My second thought was to go with TwentyEleven from The Wordpress Team but I'd rather something more attention grabbing.

    I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas.

    Thanks very much for your time and attention.


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    I would go with the WordPress team theme, they have great support. As far as eye catching, I've found the flexibility in WordPress to be its greatest asset and it allows me to best position my content to be eye catching. I didn't necessarily want a theme that was more eye catching than my content.


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