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Thread: Falling images code modification

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    Reviving a really old thread here, but I'm using John's last update on this thread to the falling leaves script....

    My images are HUGE (it's a satire page.) I guess because they're so big, they're pushed too far to the right. So I have a few questions:

    1. POSITION: Where do I edit in this script to get the images more centered? (or not so far to the right).

    2. DISTANCE BETWEEN IMGS: I have 7 images total, and have the script set to load all 7. It seems to be adding duplicates of the same ones though. How can I add a little distance between each image, so you can see them better as they fall? (which will probably help the duplicates issue too).

    3. SIZE: For mobile, I need to make the falling images smaller. How can I target each of the images in this script? I don't know where to add a class or how to reference each one. (I don't need help sizing them - I know how to use media queries & size each one for mobile. I just need to know how to reference each image.)
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