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Thread: forum post - like button (not facebook!)

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    Default forum post - like button (not facebook!)

    heloo, can somebody help me? i want to do like button for forum posts, you know, i have a forum and when somebody agree with the post, he can press like button (the same as in the facebook) ... i think, that this like button is coded in is in PHP so can somebody help me, how can i do it? i dont know programming in ajax very well, im just learning..thanks for suggestions.

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    the concept is easy: your "like" button is just a form, submitted via ajax, that includes the id of the post and maybe other info, such as the id of the user, time, etc. the form would submit to a script that enters the "like" in a database.

    How you implement it, however, will depend entirely on what software you use for your forum and how it works - because you need to integrate with it. If your forum software has a user forum, you might have better luck asking there, since there will be people more familiar with the specific software.
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