Hi Folks,

I have got some data in MySQL which loads correctly.

I do however wish to make an image appear that is specific to a selection.

That is if my selction is 1 then the image for 1 will appear and if 2 then image 2 and so on.

My images are not in MySQL, but can be if required - but then I need help to structure this correctly.

PHP Code:
while($row mysql_fetch_array($result))
"<td><font style='font-size:11px' color='#00008B' face='Calibri'>" strtoupper($row['champions_name']). "</td>";
"<td><font style='font-size:11px' color='#00008B' face='Calibri'>" strtoupper($row['champions_surname']) . "</td>";
"<td><font style='font-size:11px' color='#00008B' face='Calibri'>" strtoupper($row['champion_of_the_day_comes_from:']) . "</td>";
"<td align='center'><font style='font-size:11px' color='#00008B' face='Calibri'>" strtoupper($row['champions_gross_score']) . "</td>";
"<img src="http://www.gnjgf.co.za/001.jpg" width="90" height="100" style="float: right; margin: 1px; margin-top: -40px;" />
echo "</tr>"
If I keep the images elsewhere then I need assitance to change the code below in order for it to view correctly on selection described above

I hope there is someone who can assist