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Thread: Run Website from a Flashdrive or CD

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    Default Run Website from a Flashdrive or CD

    Hi. We'd like to share our website via a flash drive. We'd like the links to work as through it were being viewed over the web and also to start up at the home page when the CD or flashdrive are accessed.

    How do we do it ourselves?

    Also, are there companies that do this? Please recommend one - we're on So Cal - but the quality of the company is most important. Thanks and I'm glad to have found this forum.

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    There's no reason a website cannot run off of a disc (flash drive, CD, hard drive, or anything else you'd like).

    You can open a .htm or .html file from a disc just like on the internet by navigating to that file or by opening the file directly.

    To make the links work (and other URLs like SRCs for images) you must use relative URLs. Instead of "http://........" you will just use a relative path like "folder/file.htm" or "../" (parent folder).

    Note that a CD can not be modified so no extra information can be stored there-- if you ever want something like databases you'll need to use flash drives or use the internet. More generally, only .htm and .html files will work-- using something like PHP would be a lot more difficult. The files would just run off the normal computer, not as a "server" in the traditional sense.

    To make it open automatically you will need to set this up for each system. On windows there's a way to use an "autoplay" file, and I know there's a way to do this on a Mac too but I don't know what that is.

    There probably are companies that could do this.

    However, all of that said, I recommend against it. HTML is a limited format and will not be the best way to display your material. I recommend looking into Flash or a .exe or something along those lines. But you can use HTML if you want.

    It also depends on how your website works. Why don't you want to just leave it online? You could even create a CD that would automatically load the (online) website, but I don't know why that would be needed.
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