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Thread: How do you use the html inputs to position html correctly within a segment?

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    Default How do you use the html inputs to position html correctly within a segment?

    In Yahoo sitebuilder, I want to add html to create a link from one part of a page to another. I know the html and when I add it using the 'HTML properties' window, I can position it at the beginning or the end of the segment. How do I place it where I need it? I also tried Insert, Code elements, and HTML, created the html block but can't learn how to place it where I want it. Help, please.

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    Yahoo Sitebuilder is a program that generates HTML. Here we can help with HTML, but not how to use Yahoo Sitebuilder. You have two options: 1) learn HTML without YSB, or 2) find support for YSB, perhaps on the Yahoo website.
    (Of course someone might answer this question, but I don't know if anyone here uses YSB.)

    Generally speaking, you'll find that using "wizards" and "preview-based" editors will end up limiting your abilities eventually-- the sooner you can edit the HTML directly, the better. If you want to use a program that allows you do edit things graphically, at least use one that allows a direct code view (just text) and learn how to use it-- it will be very helpful over time.
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