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Thread: Fold-out external menu slides strange on IE

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    Default Fold-out external menu slides strange on IE

    Hello everyone! Here is my problem:

    1) Script Title: Fold-out external menu

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem:
    (open in IE)

    This fold-out menu works great in FF and Chrome, but moves very strange in IE. It moves when I move the mouse through the empty area and the menu slide-in and out on every mouse move. I use a menu with ilayers as a external html file. Its script is from here:
    I guess this causes the issue but I cannot fix it.

    I appreciate any help! Thank you

    Ah, I just check on another computer and all works fine in IE and FF. The system is 32-bits Windows Vista. The first PC is with 64-bits Vista, maybe this is the problem or my video? But how can I fix it, I mean is it possible with scripts?
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