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    Default Avatar System/Mod

    my other thread was deleted without notification as to why so im posting again. I need help making a mod for a forum system. this mod will be a avatar/doll maker like gaia. Its a free mod so i cant offer any reward unless after the project is done everyone is okay with selling it and porting it to other forum systems.

    Besides PHP would also need AJAX, MYSQL, GD/imagemagick but not limited to this thanks all. PM me if ur interested

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    If your other thread was deleted, you should take a moment to consider possible reasons why instead of just posting again.

    I would recommend contacting a forum moderator to find out what the issue was, and/or if there is a way you can post your thread without having it removed.

    also, this thread might be more appropriate for the "Looking for a script/service" forum, since you aren't asking a question about php.

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    You aren't asking for help about programming. You're looking for an employee/partner. That's not what this forum is about. If you have a question about how to do something then you can ask it. If you want to hire someone to do something for you you can post in the paid requests forum. But what you're asking isn't either of those-- you're asking for someone to fill a position (even if it's for free) and this is not that type of web design site.

    Specifically your earlier post was deleted because it appeared to be spam: of course it was not a random advertisement, but as your first post it could have been posted on any forum-- why here? And as explained above, this isn't really the right website for that type of question.

    You're welcome to stay and use the forum here, but even if this post remains you probably won't get any replies. This forum is for independent designers helping each other with questions, as well as for support of the dynamic drive scripts available on the site.
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