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    This webpage I created takes too long to download. It has a flash swf file in which I added an 8.7 mb size mp3 file to it. I think this is what is causing the webpage to download so slowly. Does anyone know if there is a program out there that can reduce the file size to 2 to 3 mb. Or if you feel there is another problem please let me know. See link below. thanks

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    You can use a different mp3 encoder and lower the quality. You could also use another audio format that works within flash that has a lower datarate such as the native flv format (flash video, but just use audio).
    If there is some reason you need the high quality audio, you could also look into loading it after the flash has loaded so you will have a placeholder image there first. Or you could load part of the song (the first 30 seconds?) and play that before loading the rest. That will involve complicated ActionScript though.
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