Hi all,
I am new to web design and I have a domain with wordpress installed and the theme Twenty Ten 1.2.

I have managed to get the hang of creating new pages and changing colours like for my menu.

I have seen a website that I like the header on but I couldn't find a theme that matched it so I have tried to change the Twenty Ten 1.2 one I have. This is the header I liked HERE[/URL] here

I have managed to get ride of the bit at the top where you could display your name. I have loaded my header file but I dont seem to be able to :

1. Make the header and the menu go all the way across the page ...can anyone tell me how ?

2. There seems to be a page outline that I don't want as it leaves a gap at the top of the page above the header ....I want the header to be at the top of the page...can anyone tell me how ?

3. It says the my theme only supports 1 menu..could I add another if I wanted later ?

4. I have seen a cool menu that I realy like and it said the script was avaialbe from this site. Would this be something easy(ish) to add to my website ? What anyone be able to guide me ?
This is where I saw the menu I like http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofat...urce/index.php

Much appreciation :0)