I'm attempting to recreate the function at http://www.design-imaging.com/dicad/main.php in flash and being new to flash I'm lost. The first page with the pattern select (user selects one of nine designs) I think this is easy but get lost when it comes to the build process where the user selects (1) granite pattern for area 1, (2) granite pattern for area 2, (3) granite pattern for area 3 and (4) the grout color. For any design there are five different grout colors (same five for all), and for areas 1, 2, and 3 there are about 50 different granite patterns (same 50 for each area and the same 50 for each design pattern).

What I have in mind is
  1. The user first picks the pattern (this I think I've done)
  2. The pick pattern action presents the user with an image of the pattern.
  3. The user would select the area of the pattern (1, 2 or 3) he wants to modify or there are 3 selection pallets for the user to select from.
  4. As the user mouses over the selection pallet the pattern is displayed in the image of the pattern, if he clicks on a pattern then the image of the pattern (for that area) is replaced with the selection.
  5. If the user continues to mouse over the pallet for area 1 or 2 or 3 the image will still display the color under the mouse but will not be replaced unless the user clicks on the color.
  6. The user has the option to change any area color (pattern) or grout until he likes what he sees.
  7. Once he is happy with the total design he can print or email the results which will include a copy of the final design, the names of the colors (patterns) picked for each area.

I've looked for possible examples but so far I've not found anything or if I have I did not see it as a match.

I have Adobe CS5 and a few other possible applications but I'm VERY early in the leaning curve of everything. I've been viewing various CBT videos (Lynda.com, Kelby Online Training) but the progress is very slow on my part and I feel overloaded.