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Thread: how to change image with each music player song

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    Default how to change image with each music player song

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm working in actionscript 2.0 and making a music player that has custom images, that I created, not ones that can be linked to online. I'd like to know what code can I use to attach each image to the proper song when it's playing? The music player itself, will have a default image. So I'd like to be sure that the default image will still show, whenever there isn't a song playing.

    I'm pretty new to flash, so if there is a way to achieve that through other methods like drag and drop or filling in field boxes within Flash or another Master Suite CS3 program, please let me know. Otherwise, do I need to upload the photos to a file host, (I use imageshack) and use the URLs to achieve this effect? If so, how would that be coded?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    please how are you loading the music files into the player, if you are using arrays to hold the song files, you could also use a seperate array to hold the respective images for files for the songs, i have a player that pretty much fit what you are trying to do but i need to know how the song files are loaded into the flash player, i might be able to help.


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