I have a code which is having a requirement. The HTML code is:

<div style="opacity: 0.4;" id="header-giveaway" class="header-giveaway" onmouseover="makevisible('header-giveaway', true)" onmouseout="makevisible('header-giveaway', false)">
Current Giveaway: <a href="#" class="addToolTip" title="INSERT JAVA SCRIPT HERE"><b>Mashable like (Fresh Life) theme</b></a> <a href="LINK HERE" class="addToolTip" title="Click this icon to view about Giveaway <b>rules</b>" target="_blank">

So if you have seen an INSERT JAVA SCRIPT HERE text I am trying to put this code in:

<script language="JavaScript">
TargetDate = "03/01/2011 05:33 AM";
ForeColor = "navy";
CountActive = true;
CountStepper = -1;
LeadingZero = true;
DisplayFormat = "%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes, %%S%% Seconds.";
FinishMessage = "Time over. Check back soon for the winner.";
<script language="JavaScript" src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/javascripts//countdown.js"></script>

But it doesn't work! What should I do can someone help me please?