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Thread: Internal website search function script required

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    Default Internal website search function script required

    Hi all,

    I am desperately trying to find an answer to my problem... I am creating a e-shop website for a clothing company who want to give their customers the ability to search and interigate the site..

    I need a script that can give the customer the ability to search a product with in the site by for example 'colour, size, style' etc....

    I am using Serif WP X4 and althou the programme doesnt have the ability to do this sort of search the technical support desk thought that I may be able to use a script to enable this feature.. My problem is I don't know what I am looking for or where to find it or even if it exsists. I know there are things like Prestashop but would rather use Serif WP X4 as I know how to use it) lol

    Any help would be fantastic.

    Kind Regards,


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    I dont know what Serif WPX4 is but I'm assuming its some sort of computer based web builder? or online web platform/CMS like Joomla?

    I guess the first things to find out are, are you using databases and do you know basic HTML/php to be able to interate a search script? You're going to need to know the basics if you're going to integrate a 3rd party script.

    Here are some search scripts to start you off:
    Focus on Function Web Design
    Fast Edit (A flat file, PHP web page editor & CMS. Small, FREE, no database!) | Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager) (Web content editor for multiple editable regions!) | Fast Apps

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    you're talking about this, I guess?

    As Beverlyh says, you're going to have to learn about scripting. A site search isn't the easiest place to start, either, especially if your site isn't already using a database/content management system (and I assume it's not, if you're using this sort of software). Can you work with PHP (or another server-side language)?

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