Hello people, you can see this issue in my website www.newswithfreedom.com

The slideshow that i'm using is one that are offered here in DynamicDrive. I did not post this thread in the script questions area because maybe the problem is not in the script... maybe is in my page.

As you can see in my page, I have 5 news every time and the people can click the left and right arrows below the pictures to pass from one new to another. The problem that i'm having is that, when you first enter to the pae (www.newswithfreedom.com) the right arrow have a delay... this arrow doesn't appear for like 7 or 10 seconds after you first visit the website. This can cause that some people believe that the slide doesn't work and I will loose them as a customers. There's a way around my code to assure that this wont happen anymore??? (Sorry about my english but it's not my main language)

Thanks in advance