hey guys
I'm kinda new to these forums but i hope you can help me
I've got some fading tool tips that are placed close together and you are meant to be able to roll over them to get general information from a tool tip but currently it has to fade out fully before it can fade back in again, the way i want it is so that it can start to fade out but if the next one is rolled over it can fade back in from the point that it faded to.
can anyone help
i have adapted some code from here http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamici...ckytooltip.htm
so that you can click to make it stick and when you roll out of the tip it fades out
i also a added a fade out
another thing is that i need it to fade out if it is stuck if the mouse is rolled out if the area it opens from
i hope i have made it clear enough
thanks for any help