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Thread: DD Drop Down Panel - IE Problem

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    Default DD Drop Down Panel - IE Problem

    1) Script Title: DD Drop Down Panel

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: I have setup panel on this site:
    (The site is nowhere near complete, but most links should be functional)
    I have put some menu buttons and other stuff inside the panel. I have set the persist state function to true so that the menu shows without clicking the tab. All is well in Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. In IE7, the inner content shows momentarily on the screen, the panel is too short (see picture at left of panel - compared between IE and Firefox - bottom of picture is cut off in IE, and the inner content disappears. When clicking the tab, the panel animation works, but leaves some of the inner content on the screen, in the place where it originally was. If I set the persist state to false, so the panel is always closed on page load, the panel seems to function properly in all the browsers. Any thoughts?

    I noticed that after a period of time (not sure how long) in Firefox, the dropdown panel disappears completely from the page. The page was just sitting there, not being used.

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