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Thread: Help me out guys with this PHP Project

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    Default Help me out guys with this PHP Project

    Hi Peeps, I am new to PHP, I have a Project at hand, I am to design a Demo website for a University, where the students can register their full information in 5 different pages. After registering, they get an activation link in their email addresses, they then go back and log in with their User Names and Password. Each student is expected to have a Unique Identity Number to be generated by us. After Loggin in, you are to fill in the courses you do, register for exams, pay for exams and print out the Courses Registered for and the Exam Docket....

    Guys, help me how do I get this done, is there Forum where I can get these codes, edit and upload them into my own Database.

    Thank you....

    anyone with suggestion to write me on

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    You can't expect someone to just write this whole system for you, what code do you have already? It's better to try and begin writing the system and then ask for help with specific parts of the code you're having trouble with.


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