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    Default Ecommerce software

    Hi guys, I need some help.

    Before on my site, i use to have a open-sorce ecommerce shop, but it unfortunately got hacked. I still have the database and it wasn't touched by the hackers as it was VERY strongly encrypted.

    However, i want to set it back up but dont want to use opensorce just to be safe this time.

    Anyone know of a good peice of e commerce software to help me or know of a good cart?

    Any help is appricated.


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    I don't have any specific recommendations for software, but I do have some tips:

    paid software is not inherently "more secure" than open-source. I'm not saying the best software out there is open-source (or not); but you should not discount anything just because it is.

    I would be suspicious, however, that your database was not compromised. The database is generally the first target of an attack, because you can use the information within to gain access to everything else. If your server scripts were hacked the database credentials are likely to have been compromised as well.

    I would definitely recommend changing your database credentials, as well as forcing all users (especially yourself, and any admins) to change their passwords as well. Even if there's no obvious evidence of access, you should work under the assumption that everything in the database is now in the attacker's hands.

    The best defense against being hacked again is to know how it happened the first time. That way, you can ensure that you can fix the problem (even if you get new software - you don't want to spend money on something that might have the same security issue!). Make sure you are using the most current version of whatever software you choose.


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