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Thread: mssql connect to php

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    Default mssql connect to php

    Good day!

    I’m here again posting about my problem in the connection of mssql to php.

    I have a problem in my connection in mssql to php. I tried my best to fix my problem. Here is some data I could give for better understanding.

    I used:

    SQL Server 2005 Express
    SQL Server Management Studio Express
    IIS 6.0
    php 5.2.4

    I configure my php.ini
    I uncommented the following:

    cgi.force_redirect = 0
    doc_root = “C:\Inetpub\wwwroot”
    mssql.secure_connection = On

    I change my ntwdlib.dll version from 2000.2.8.0 to 2000.80.194.0 because I found out that my older version of ntwdblib.dll was not work in sql server 2005 so I search for a ntwdblib.dll version that work on sql server 2005. So I deleted the old version and I put the new version of ntwdblib.dll in Windows/System32, php folder, and in php/ext folder.

    And this is my information in my SQL Server:

    Server Type: Database Engine
    Server name: ISM\SQLEXPRESS
    Authentication: Windows Authentication
    Username: MR\Administrator ----This username was hiding
    Password: ----Password was hiding

    I have a big question in my mind and it is what username and password I could use in php to connect in mssql if the username and password is hiding. I try to use the sa and its password, but I don’t know if it is right. And also I try the MR\Administrator as username and the password is blank, but sad to say still I can’t connect.

    Here is my code:

    PHP Code:
    //mssql.secure_connection = On
    // Need to upload ntwdblib.dll from net
    $myServer “ISM\SQLEXPRESS”// host/instance_name
    $myUser “sa”// username
    $myPass “xoxoxo&#8243;; // password
    $myDB “dbtest”// database name
    // connection to the database
    $dbhandle mssql_connect($myServer$myUser$myPass)
    or die(
    “Couldn’t connect to SQL Server on $myServer”);
    // select a database to work with
    $selected mssql_select_db($myDB$dbhandle)
    or die(
    “Couldn’t open database $myDB”);
    “You are connected to the ” $myDB ” database on the ” $myServer .;
    After I run this code, the result is:

    Fatal error:Call to undefined function mssql_connect() in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\testconn.php on line 11

    I don’t know what the problem is and what the configurations I need to do are.

    I hope somebody can suggest or help me to fix my problem, because I really need to fix it.

    Thank you in advance…

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    I have similiar issue.
    My configuration is..

    Windows 7 Pro
    SQL Server Express 2008
    PHP 5.2.14 Non Thread Safe
    IIS 7.0

    Everything works except mssql.dll extension with error "Undefined function mssql_connect()".
    New Microsoft SqlSrv.dll works flawlessly. So does MySQL.

    I tried searching around and never came across a solution. Can anyone post a possible solution or steps to fix this weird issue?


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