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Thread: RSS feed to show on page without having to click on link

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    Default RSS feed to show on page without having to click on link


    I have a page using iFrame to display an RSS feed preview of programs at the library. The problem is that we use IE7 and the drop down menus at the top fall behind the the preview. I received some information from someone about how you could get the preview without using the iFrame; however, I have never taken PHP and do not know how you would do this.

    The following is what he said to do:

    "You'd have to look into pulling it in via Ajax. With Ajax, you can request a page on your own server. That page would be a PHP page. Because it's on your server, you'd be okay to access an external page safely. After you PHP page parses and formats the RSS feed on the server (behind the scenes), then the JavaScript/Ajax would grab the data out of the page on the server.

    This way, your PHP page works as a "proxy" between the server and the external site, so you don't have the limitations of no cross-domain requests."

    This is the link to my page:

    This is the iFrame code I'm using currently:
    width="72%" height="450" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    Can anyone tell me how I would accomplish the suggestion given to me?

    Thank you very much, Elbee

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    Well it works in Firefox ok, but I see the problem in IE. Try appending "z-index:2" css to the drop down menu and "z-index:1" to the iframe. This may or may not solve the problem. As for using php to load it, then it becomes very complicated with xml formatting, which I assume you don't want to get into, but if you do:
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