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Thread: Divs loading at same time?

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    Default Divs loading at same time?

    Hi Guys,

    Anybody know if there is a way of having a Div (That contains an image) and another Div (That contains just text) to load at the SAME time but clicking on a button (For example 'Next' or 'Back').



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    What do you mean by "load"? Does this mean that you want the display property changed so that it changes from invisible to visible?
    Or are you loading external content?

    The first should not be very hard because even if they load at "different" times it will not be noticable to the eye-- it will be very fast.

    The general way to do this is to put two commands together, either as a new combined function or just as a list, separated by a semi-colon like: load('div1');load('div2');, of course depending on the existing scripts you're using.

    If you are loading the content from an external source, there is no way to force two different external pages to load at the same time because one might take longer, there might be some delay on the server, or any other number of reasons. You could load one then delay displaying it until the other loads.

    Generally, one way to approach this is to NOT load two-- just load one div. You can put your two divs into one by nesting them then just load that single div. Here's an example:
       My Image.
       My Text.

    If this is a question about a specific page or script, please link to the page on your site or the source for the script (or both if possible) if you do need more help.
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