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Thread: Audio/video from RCA output to computer over 1Gbps pre-configured CAT5e Ethernet?

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    Default Audio/video from RCA output to computer over 1Gbps pre-configured CAT5e Ethernet?

    I have a video device (no other details necessary) with a 480p composite-video, stereo-audio (RCA) output. I want to be able to view the video from this output on a computer in a separate room using my existing 1Gbps CAT5e Ethernet configuration wired throughout my home. (It does not need to be connected to any other devices, such as a TV set.)

    Moving it and using a video-capture card is not an option. I need a way to convert the 3-plug RCA output to an Ethernet cable that can be plugged into my existing 1Gbps router/switch combination.

    The video must then be able to be watched in real-time, in its full 480p, stereo quality, on a Windows 7 computer (though using a virtual machine with a different Windows or Linux OS is an option) in a different room that is also connected to the same home network with a CAT5e cable and another 1Gbps router/switch combination.

    I've looked around (yes, I Googled it), but nobody seems to know what they're talking about (or they do seem to know what they're talking about, but it's in a 1997 newsgroup post and terribly outdated).

    Is this possible? The solution MUST not involve the use of a video-streaming service or exiting the home network and accessing the internet in any way.

    In short, I need to stream stereo audio and 480p video from an RCA output to a Windows or Linux computer over an existing Ethernet configuration, and be able to watch it in real-time on said computer in full quality, without it ever accessing the internet (it must still work, for example, if we have an internet outage).
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    Have you checked out the Slingbox products? The convert a video and audio source to ethernet. It is advertised as going on the internet, but I wonder if you couldn't just stream through your house network without going out on the internet.

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    Default media player

    you can take a look for this one
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