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    Red face Help on Css

    Hi I am creating a Website in joomla. Got a template. Bu my problem is that I want to make drop down menu in top op th website including search box but menu and search box appearing below header I want to do it above the header I am attaching my css with the post. Can any One help me to fix this out?

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    Standard CSS isn't really the critical factor on joomla websites - its more down to available module (block) positions and they differ between templates.

    A lot of templates produced in the last 6 months on RocketThemes using the Gantry framework have about 40 module positions and provide greater variety for the menu modules (such as suckerfish), while a lot of the free ones might only have a dozen module positions and not much scope for navigation/menu movement.

    Some of the templates using the Gantry framework consist of around 50 css files (depending on which internal theme you choose) so I'm tempted to say that you're using a very small (free) template with limited module positions, based on your one css file provision so you might not have the option to move your menu around.

    You should probably research your template choices more thoroughly and check the available module positions before making your final choice.
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