I'm looking for a method to integrate the variables of ASP into Javascript. Is it possible? If possible, how can it be?

As an example :

== Start Example ==

<%Option Explicit%>

<!--#include virtual="/server/config/connection.asp" -->


Dim Conn, LoadServerVar, SVArrow

Conn = GlobalConn

Set LoadServerVar = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
LoadServerVar.Open "Select * From ServerVar Where ServerVarID = 1",Conn,3,3

SVArrow = LoadServerVar("ServerVarArrow")


<script language="javascript">

var JVSVArrow

JVSVArrow = <!-- Some code here containing ASP Variable SVArrow -->


<p> ASP VBScript Method : <%=SVArrow%></p> <!-- Output will be /server/img/arrow.gif -->

<p> Javascript Method : <!-- Some code here containing Javascript Variable JVSVArrow and the output will be /server/img/arrow.gif, same as ASP VBScript output method --> </p>

== End Example ==

So, can anyone help me to integrate the SVArrow ASP Variable into a Javascript scripting? Please.