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Thread: i need source code for online examination application

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    Default i need source code for online examination application

    i need source code for online examination application in jsp or php or any other language. i'd love if any one can help me.

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    I doubt anyone could supply you with anything suitable with so little informataion to work with. There may be a considerable amount of work involved sothis might be a request you can post in the paid-work forum if you want somebody to do all the work for you. Without knowing the details I can only offer the following advice which might put you on the right lines of doing the job yourself.

    To make an application form, you firstly need to build the HTML for the form and then create a php (or similar) process script to handle the submitted information on the server.

    You also need to decide how to store the information - flat files are a possibility but for something of this nature, a database would probably be advisable.

    The are many online tutorials on how to create forms and associated process scripts so just Google "Form Process Tutorials" to find one and adapt to your needs.

    Alternatively, there are also online service providers who create, host and hold form information for you. You'd probably need to do a bit of research into that to find a suitable one for your needs. If its application data you're dealing with, you'd probably be looking at a paid account.
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